Automatic Pop hole opener

I have spared you the agony of reading about my millions of failed attempts at building an automatic pophole opener, because.

a) I am an enormous geek

b) It is a bit boring unless you are obsessed with chickens

c) I wanted it to work before I told anyone I was building it. where credit is due, the massive innovation came, in the end, from Becky’s brain…she is a genius, there is no doubt about it. However I still had to build the damn thing.

We wanted to create a device that would alow us to have lie ins, and go away for one night. These devices are very expensive in the shops, and I thought..” I can make one of those” I did. See the video for more details. The upshot is, it works and we are very very happy!  The video is about 3 mins long. It has an advert water mark which goes away after 1 minute. Watch out for Tasha the chickens surprise towards the end of the video.


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