Monthly Archives: February 2012

Spring Eggs


Isn’t nature wonderful, (and weird). The goose and our two Muscov girls all came into lay on the same day! Talk about in sinc. Saving the goose egg for some guests we are having to stay this weekend. 1st March how spring it feels now.:)


Spring planting 2.

First beautiful day of spring today. We had a lovely morning walk across the fields, Becky spent the day sorting out the polytunnel. She dug in two wheel barrows of compost. We then went to the garden centre and blew £30 on the following seeds;

Tomatoe varieties Garden Pearl, Red Cherry, Golden Sunrise, Marmande, Tigerella and San Marzano 2. Potatoe main crop Lady Balfour. Onion Sturion, pea, Jessy. Chard, Bright Lights.

We have planted some salad and eagerly await our first 2012 crops.

Sadly our little black hen Tasha past on last week. No obvious signs, just one of those things. She will be missed 😦

We think the sheep might be pregnant.


Simple pleasures

Just when I get sick of nature (snow) it has a way of teaching me what is important in life. Tonight the snow has all melted and the evening was beautifully mild. Walking the dog was such a pleasure, listening to the church bells ring across the village for ‘practice’ night made the whole experience even more special. I went to visit my dad and listen to a little beautiful song he had written about my nephew. Family, fresh air and freedom. Simple pleasures have to be at the heart of smallholding, or what’s the point. Oreo has the right idea.


Totally sick of winter

This time of year I begin to get cabin fever. It feels like it’s been months and months since we’ve been able to spend a productive day outside enjoying our selves. It was -14 the other night, we have had snow on the ground for weeks now. No digging either. Roll on spring.

I have made an effort to use our freezer stocks through January, and the berries were great, I think we could use even more of those next year. We have pretty much used up all the leeks, so again I think we should plant a bigger batch. Last night I made an apple pie from our stored apples, which is a result really, a fe rot, but generally they have kept well .

I’m off outside in a minute to top up everyones food and water, thankfully we are now just down to breeding stock. I’ll up load some more wintery pictures.




Not a lot going on at the moment. The chick project has gone well, and they are now growing up fast in an arc outside. The rogue litter of bunnies are despatched and dressed and in the freezer.

No goose or duck eggs yet. The chucks are laying 2 to 3 a day.

Oh and it has snowed. The water has frozen for the last 2 weeks, but it was warmer yesterday and I filled the pond much to the geese’s. Delight.