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Rye bread recipe

This morning I am trying a new Rye bread recipe, it is currently in the oven with 20 minutes to go. I’ve really missed making simple bread since Becky found out that she needed to cut wheat out of her diet, and I have been on the look out for an alternative to allow me to bake a couple of loaves of sour dough a week. Nothin beats home made (warm) bread, it almost seems as though it is in our DNA to respond to the smell of baking, and certainly it has been a staple in our diet since ancient times. So I am testing a Rye bread recipe, and should have the results in the next 20 minutes. The recipe is as follows.

1 packet of ready made yeast
300g of rye flour
280ml of warm water
Large pinch of salt.

It also added flaked almonds and a tiny handful of cumin seeds, but you could play with the flavours. Now……it’s important to say that Rye does contain a gluten, so if you are totally gluten free then maybe don’t bother with this one, but the it is a different kind of gluten to wheat, so some people are O.K with it. (Becky can eat Rye and oat gluten). because of the different gluten it is not necessary to kneed the bread. Simple combine the ingredients into a very wet dough, pop in your bread tin and leave to rise somewhere warm. ( I left mine in front of a cooling fire overnight). leave it to proof for at leas 3 hours and then

Pre heat oven to 200, and bake for 45 minutes.
The bread won’t come out like a dark German rye bread because this recipe does not include molasses. Some people say lave it for two days to mature before use, but what kind of psycho bakes bread and then doesn’t eat it warm???


Wel, the flavour is excellent, I’ve just taken it out of the oven and had a couple of slices. The middle is a bit soft so I might add a little bit less water, and it is pretty dense and small, but lovely… It will be baking it again.


Pasture move

Yesterday we had a big move around of the animals so need to keep them in this configuration for a few months to allow certain areas of the pasture to rest. The sheep have been moved off of the bottom of the main pasture onto the tree and Forest garden, and the birds have been moved to the top of the main pasture. This will allow the bottom of the main pasture to rest in time for the spring lambs. Wr have just started feeding hay.


Sunday Sunday

I am having a very smallholding-y day today. Becky has just popped out to buy a new axe, ( I know…how butch), and I am waiting a visit from our friend Andrea who has come by a brace of pheasants and wants some help with the processing. I have been preparing Sunday lunch and have realised that today’s offering will only cost about 80 pence for four people. Check out my sums

venison (acquired for free…see previous posts).
Potatoes, home grown
Butternut squash, home grown
Recurrent sauce, home made from my own red currants
Brussels, bought but in offer yesterday reduced to10pence a bag!

Apple and blackberry crumble, mostly home grown, 60 pence allowance for the cost of the oats and sugar.

All this, and scraps for the chickens.


No waste for landfill either.