Monthly Archives: October 2010

Winter Freeze

Where did Autumn go? The last few mornings have been so cold that the hose pipes on the plot have frozen. We are just beginning to gain an understanding of some of the challenges that winter will present. We are planning to create an above ground water container to hold fresh water near the animal enclosures. That way when it’s really cold we can crack the ice and dip to get water.

The grass has slowed to nothing and our sheep have made a massive dent, it’s really short now. We will have to move them soon, but we are going to wait until after D day for the 2 lambs.




There is something a bit magical this morning about the leaves and the dense mist that had crept across south Leicestershire. Autumn is such a lovely season and I am glad to say it’s just as good for smallholders. The nights are drawing in but the veg patch is still pretty plentiful. The early dark nights mean a things have slowed down in the week, we can’t be out on the plot so we have more time for socialising and other hobbies. I really like this and have always enjoyed things that have a certain eb and flow to them depending on the time of year. It’s nice to see everything relaxing into Autumn. I will take some pictures of the 1st bunny batch today and also of Muscovy batch 2.