Monthly Archives: July 2015

Redcurrant Jelly

Really pleased with my redcurrant jelly this year. For the recipe follow the Crab Apple recipe I wrote a while back.



Gooseberry sweet and sour sauce

The redcurrant and gooseberries are ready now, so I have devised a new recipe for storing the glut. Gooseberries are pretty difficult to use. I like stewed gooseberry, but not that much, so I am always looking for other ideas. This week I have made a sweet and sour sauce with our red gooseberries. It is lovely with lamb, and I am pretty sure it will be amazing with duck.

Gooseberries and a few redcurrants stewed with a couple of star anise
Add balsamic vinegar
Add sugar
Remove star anise
balance the favours until your like the taste.

I used this like a plum sauce with pancakes and pulled lamb and chopped spring onions and cucumber. it was amazing!