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Flooding November





Tupping Sheep

We have experienced another flood over the past few days and the forecast predicts more rain. We have moved the sheep to the top of the pasture around the tree, which means everything is on high ground. Rambo has taken advantage of the smaller lodgings to begin tupping. He is working hard to keep the younger ram lambs in their place and making sure he is the only sire in the flock. This is what we has hoped would happen, as the younger boys are inter related.

Wesley (our wether) couldn’t be less interested and has taken advantage of the romantic distractions to enable himself to be first at the hay rack everyday.


Hay Rack


Today was the first day we have had on the plot for ages due to lots of the stuff going on in our lives, such as new family babies and work commitments. Its getting to the time of year when we start feeding our sheep hay to supplement the grass. last year lots of the hay ended up on the ground and rotted. So I decided to make a hay rack out of two flat pallets that I have had laying around for a while. I took the bottom rung off so that I could mesh them into each other to create a criss cross type frame, and then lined the top half with stock netting to create a mesh that would hold the hay, but that my beauties can still eat through. To keep the hay dry we have put a table on top of it for now, but I’ll be looking for some boards on my next pallet run.

The Soays approve, as you can see.

Christmas Geese

A week or two ago, I received a very welcome email from Sean at Blatt Farm offering me a couple of Christmas geese! I obviously jumped at this very generous offer (Thanks Sean), and went over last Friday to collect the pair.

They have settled in really well, I kept them separate for a week, and then mixed them with our other stock this weekend. My dominant gander Pierre had a few words, but basically they are all getting on fine. We will keep them until a few days before Christmas, when they will be despatched and prepared for two different family dinners.



Free Range Bunnies

We were getting a bit concerned about the state that the growing bunnies were getting themselves into through the week. Four in a run just seemed a bit too many. So we set up Rabbit-opolis. This is a double wall of electric fence. Containing a large arc (DAVE), and a food and water station. It seems to be going well. The rabbits haven’t escaped yet and are loving the xtra space. They have a week and half to go before D day, so I am pleased that they will be enjoying it.