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I had a go at the rabbit Bolognese recipe that Jamie Oliver came up with. It does indeed use just one little rabbit and some veggis, and in his recipe take over night to cook. However, I cheated a bit and jointed the rabbit, and chopped the veg up. It does make 14 portions, as you can see by my picture. It has a nice depth of flavour, coming from the lemon zest, beer and nutmegs. I didn’t use garlic ( as Becs has an allergy) but I used all the other ingredients. Mine didn’t taste much like a Bolognese, but it was a really nice meat sauce, and was great on pasta. So I may well use this recipe again. Pretty good for the occasional small rabbit, and also good for using up some of the offal . Not bad at all.



Boat building day 3

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If you have been following my adventures in boat building you will know that my crazy friend and I have been trying to make a folding rowing boat. Well, today we were afloat..well almost.

Day 1 and 2 had gone really well, but I kept waking up in a cold sweat worrying about the brittle qualities of the epoxy resin we had used as an adhesive. Waterproof..yes, shatter proof …no. As we moved on to the second side seam, Andria suggested using contact adhesive.  Brilliant idea….so we drove over to Screw fix, and picked up a litre. (We also managed to swipe some pretty amazing pallets along the way, which will be going onto my pallet shed next weekend, but in the words of Kirsty Walk ”more on that story later”).

Now we had two types of solvents to abuse all day. We finished the side seam, screwed in the transom, and finished the PVC on the back. We also coated the nose with contact adhesive, and slapped on a pvc nose cone. She was now ready for testing.

Having spent 3 hours in a solvent filled garage, led to along conversation about how ‘we never go clubbing any more…maybe we should go out tonight’.  Needless to say, the desire to go out clubbing left almost as quickly as the fumes.

Sunday morning came and we packed the boat into the car. I also packed a dry change of clothes (just in case). We drove up to the canal. The boat fitted in the car with no problems, which is a total bonus. We set the boat up in no time and it floated really well, but as suspected, when I got in, the base cracked a little and water came in.

We rushed home, and re did the centre seam using contact adhesive this time. Cross your fingers for us, we will be trying to get afloat next Sunday again. I am hoping that this won’t be a recurring theme every weekend!

Bolognese recipe I am interested in trying this recipe.

Boat building day 1 and 2

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My doozer friend came over for two days this weekend and we have made a fantastic start to the boat. The basic method is as follows.

1) Cut out the sides and base.

2) Using these as a template repeat, so you have two of each.

3)Drill loads of holes

4) lace together with fishing line.

5) Cover the gap with a strip of PVC.

We have used loads of epoxy resin on the wood to make it water proof.. See the slide show to get a better idea.


There are two types of people in the world: Doozers and Fraggles. Those of you that remember the eighties Henson show ‘Fraggle Rock’ will know exactly what I am talking about. Those of us that can’t stop making stuff ,and those that don’t.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti Fraggle,  in fact I spent my early teen with a slight crush on the Fraggle ‘Red’, but at heart I have always been a doozer.

I have been left alone this weekend, as Becs has headed off to see her folks down south. I have invited a fellow doozer (you know who you are) round for the weekend and together we are going to build an 8ft folding plywood rowing boat.

I am very excited about this mini project. I was given strict instructions by Becs  that I was not to start on another ‘make’ project before I had finished the pallet shed…but I am disobeying….and letting free my inner doozer for a weekend of power tools and epoxy resin.

The design we are working to is basically a Handyandy folding boat. I have bought the plywood panels, the epoxy resin and the pvc fabric. I will take lots of photos as the project unfolds, so watch this space.

I know that technically this isn’t about smallholding but …heyho…welcome to my blog, where I do and say what I like. 😉

Pallet shed 3

See pallet shed 2.

Today I cracked on with the pallet shed. We popped over to TP and bought some chipboard sheets for the roof.


I have decided to go for a simple pent roof as the alternatives were proving too difficult. I used a couple of batterns to support the roof, but 80% of the shed is made out of pallets. I am pleased with how it’s coming together.





See the next day of the build