Spring cleaning and seed planting

Today was the first day in ages that we have had a good block of time to get things going on the plot. We got up with a very long to do list, but in the end only managed to get the most time sensitive jobs done.

As you may know from previous post. Becky is rather partial to a spreadsheet, so we have worked up our 2015 planting plan. This year were making crucial change to the way we are blocking together our plants. We are doing this to help the bed rotation. So the classifications for a classic 4 bed crop rotation are as follows;

Leaves: for us this means cabbage, kale and cauliflower.

Roots: for us this means onions, leeks and spinach beet.

Fruits: for us this means sweetcorn, tomatoes and lots of squash and cucumbers. This group also includes potatoes believe it or not.

Legumes: for us this means broad beans, as we haven’t been able to get any other beans working outside.

crop rotation

So, by blocking together the veg in this way we will be able to be a bit more scientific with our rotations.

Also, I wanted to say a word about the results of my grafting experiment last year. As you can see by the photo, about 10 trees worked. I also managed to propagate some root stock, so I’ll be having another go next year when they have grown a bit more.




The other jobs we did today were removing brambles, pruning the fruit trees and most excitingly planting up the poly tunnel. Becky has planted salad, spring onions and dwarf french beans. Fingers crossed for a good start to spring.


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