Lambing 2015

This is a summary of the soay lambing this year:

23rd April – twins, 1 gimmer, 1 tup, born to Ellie
28th April – single tup
2nd May – single tup
3rd May – twins, 1 gimmer, 1 tup

None are tagged as yet as our tagging applicator broke so we’re awaiting delivery of a new one. All are healthy, growing, and doing everything they should be. Interestingly, this year, all are dark brown, there are no caramels.





3 responses to “Lambing 2015

  • Kym Cookesley

    Hello, I have spent the last couple of hours reading through your blog on Soay Sheep, we rescued 21 ewes that have had 10 lambs however we need to get our flock numbers down to a more manageable size for our field we would like 8 ewes and the 10 lambs for hoggett next year. This means I have 6 ewes over the age of 8 that I need to sell (unfortunately I think I will have to take them to the local market), and 7 ewes from last year that need to go to the abbotoir, my question is what age do you take them as I think they are ready now at almost 14 months? Your posts are very informative, and I love our flock already just need to get down to a number I can properly care for.

  • ZH

    Hi Kym

    At 14 months you will have some really nice sized carcasses. We usually take ours at just under a year which is a little small, but we find that our grazing can’t take it for much longer than that. Some people allow Ewes to go through until 18 months, so as you have the spring grass now, you could do that. Are you anywhere near the midlands? We might have some interest in an unrelated ewe to add to our breeding flock…I’ve got your email in the admin part of the site, so I could email you if you need any more info.


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