About us

I have set up this blog to record the journey that myself and my partner are taking into developing a smallholding from a piece of pasture in Leicestershire. I will be using it as a repository of our research, so it will eventually hold lots of information that we have gathered from books, courses and experience. Later it will become more of a diary/ record keeping tool to help us reflect and stay motivated.

Ideally other people will find some of the information useful and I would love to hear from anyone working or wanting to set up a similar project.

Rebecca works full time and I have recently moved to a three day a week job in order to find some time to work the land, so we are not building a commercial venture. Sencemeadow will eventually provide us with a huge food suppliment and some of our fuel. The aim is to make a shift to a more sustainable lifestyle where we spend less time money focused and more time quality of life focused.

In truth I never thought we would find a plot for our tiny budget, but it just goes to show that if you are patient and a bit lucky, something comes up!


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