Monthly Archives: May 2014

Pile of Ducklings

For the first time in two years we actually have some muscovy ducklings! Yay! They started hatching yesterday and she was sitting on three by the evening. This morning a pile of fluff had emerged. It’s a bit tricky to count, but I think there are 13 or 14 so far with a couple more eggs to hatch (or not). They are are real mixture of colours this time because she has been sitting on eggs that have come from our original white girls, Batman (who is a pied girl…) and the chocolatiers. And Orlando is the daddy, we hope we managed to keep them seperate from Linford for long enough to avoid ‘contamination’ with the furry banana. We assume the offspring of the chocolatiers are the kind of greeny looking ones!




Family Goose

The gosling is growing very well and has been outside all the day and night for about a week now, as the weather has been good. He/she avoids Lucy as she’s still a bit mean to he/she, but we’ve lost count of the number of times Pierre has grabbed us or when we (I) have fallen over backwards trying to avoid being poked at. He is enjoying being a Dad again I think and is teaching gosling all he knows about how to walk along sticking your neck out. As you can see, we have no idea if it’s a boy or girl…



Compost heap snakes.

Compost heap snakes.

We discovered that our compost heap snakes are back again this year. This is the second one we have spotted. Yesterday a much bigger version of this was sleeping under our metal wheelbarrow, and gave me a bit of a fright. For those in the not-know….this is a grass snake. Adders are much more diamond-y.