Christmas Dinner

This is just to record that the gosling we hatched this year and that was then pretty much raised by Pierre and Lucy, dropped dead last week while we were away. This is sad because it’s a complete waste of a life (although we have a friend we’re keeping it for to taxiderm if she can get her head around taking it on!) but it’s also annoying because we have no idea why it’s died and we should have dispatched it a couple of weeks ago as it was ready. We just ran out of time. A bird in the hand…

Touch wood, it doesn’t seem to be anything the other birds have picked up so perhaps because it was young and a little more susceptible to things it caught something off the wild birds in the area, or perhaps it was affected by the fireworks although these have been going on some time now. Either way, it’s a shame and the incubator investment put in by my dad still hasn’t paid off! We’ll try again next year.


One response to “Christmas Dinner

  • Jane

    I am so sorry to read this. You certainly haven’t had much luck. Our goose experiment is coming to an end. We culled one of the goslings at Michaelmas but kept the rest for doing just before Christmas… and have now decided that we no longer want the hassle of geese… they are alot of work during the summer when there is no grass and no water. So we have 8 to cull… Interesting experiment but I wouldn’t do geese again. Ducks maybe if we can get a fancy water/pond sorted out for the dry season.

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