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Wet weekend

We had planned for a weekend of outdoor fun with lots of progress being made all over the place but the weather had other plans. Some wet days are ok, you can put on your rain coat and water proof trousers and be really smug about ” no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing ” etc. Today was not one of those days. The wild was very wild, the rain was very wet and the whippets had their inside-day faces on.

IMG_0964.JPG So I have started a little craft project. Later this summer we are going to put a new shed on the plot and deck it out as a summer house , The Cabin. You will hear much more about this plan over the next few weeks, it has been occupying my mind almost to the exclusion of being able to remember how to wash myself and change my clothes ( the curse of an obsessive nature). Anyway, I had this idea for a peg loom rug made from our sheeps wool. As. You may remember, my doozer father-in-law made me a peg loom a couple of years ago..and since then, my doozer Dad has used it to make a really lovely rug. So with this inspiration I have started a round rug.


IMG_1158.JPG My mum and dad learnt how to make this type of round rug from a lady they met at my mum’s spinning group. Basically you weave up to the end of the row and the then weave back again missing out the top peg, the next time you miss out the top two pegs, the third time you miss the top three pegs and so on. Thus creating a wedge shape. I am really pleased with it. I will upload some pictures of the finished article. It is taking a long time to make but it’s all very zen. I that’ve spent the whole day weaving and listening to the radio. 🙂


Upcycling and stuff

inspired by a wise woman (you know who you are JH), who has been creating an upcycling craze on my Facebook feed with her cool lamps and cool coffee tables (Joo, you should start a blog), I decided that I wanted to join in.



So, rather than start with a full on 3d project I thought that I would have a go at a couple more light weight whippet coats for my team. I bought a rather large size tweed skirt from a charity shop and set about upcycling it.


here are the finished items. Difficult to see the lovely tweed in this light, but the equivalent on eBay is beings old for £25. Mine cost £4.80 for the two (with a bit of left over fabric).


Make do and mend

In our grand clear out, we unearthed Becky’s sewing machine which was a hand-me-down from her mum. Becky’s mum is a rather good seamstress, so it is a really top notch machine which is a joy to use. Anyway, in the spirit of thrift, greenness and self sufficiently, I decided to mend a couple of pairs of jeans that have developed holes. So I bought a pair of children’s jeans from a charity shop for £2, and created a couple of patches for the denim, and a hour later, my jeans are wearable again. That’s not a very interesting tale, but whilst I had the sewing machine out, I thought….what else can I make?

We had been looking at dog coats for a while, as the two that we are using regularly are about 5 years old and are no longer water proof….and whippets really don’t like getting wet. Dog coats are surprisingly expensive, especially when you start talking about coats designed especially for whippets long and skinny shape. So I found an old water proof coat of mine and a wool blanket and started to take the old coat apart to recycle the expensive bits such as velcrose.


Then I laid out the old coat and used it as a template. I kept the furry bottom sheet, and placed a new piece of wool in between that and the new top of water proof material. using the sewing machine, I created a cross cross pattern on the material, which held it together and also looked good. I then used the old back trim to neaten up the edges. Finally I reattached the velcrose that I had rescued from the old garment.

Here is the finished version, modelled by Blue because Ori wouldn’t get up to try it on.


Surprise gift

Today we received a really lovely surprise gift from our visiting photographer Adey. He has made us a lovely framed montage of all of the shots he took of our animals during the summer when the Owl activity was slow. We love it and it has taken pride of place in our kitchen. Thanks Adey….a totally lovely surprise..see you next summer when the light is good again. :).



Spinning and knitting

About 2 years ago I started to learn to spin and in a weird turn of events I ended up buying 5 bags of fleece from rugby star Ben Cohen (yes seriously, I didn’t recognise him at the time). Anyway, I bought these old texel cross fleeces from a rugby player and spent the next six months spinning them into a load of balls of wool. I spent the next six months knitting it into a jumper for Becky, which basically didn’t fit, so I spent the following six months unravelling it. Then my Mum gave me a much simpler pattern, which I have been knitting since Christmas last year. Tonight I finished it.



I think she looks cute in it, but I suspect it might be a dog walking jumper. It is very warm.

Christmas Sculpture

Christmas Sculture

After trimming the hedge, Becs and I decided to make a Christmas sculpture for the plot. We are doing a reindeer, you can’t really tell from this picture but it is big. I needed a small step ladder to get to the top of it. During the early stages, some old dears walked by and looked at us as if we were constructing some witch craft related effergy, like the crazy b&tches that we are, but it has now taken a bit more shape. This isn’t the finished article, we will be working on it next week, so expect some up dates. Once it is finished, and a bit nearer christmas, I’ll be adding some christmas lights.

Pallet Shed Finale

The pallet shed is almost complete. I have finished the windows and doors. It took about 30 mins to ‘move in’ and as you can see from the pictures it is very popular. We plan to use it as a summer house and a place to store all of our outdoor cooking stuff. This will mean that on sunny days we can pottle out onto the plot for the day, and in winter we can duck in for a cup of tea.


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