Family Goose

The gosling is growing very well and has been outside all the day and night for about a week now, as the weather has been good. He/she avoids Lucy as she’s still a bit mean to he/she, but we’ve lost count of the number of times Pierre has grabbed us or when we (I) have fallen over backwards trying to avoid being poked at. He is enjoying being a Dad again I think and is teaching gosling all he knows about how to walk along sticking your neck out. As you can see, we have no idea if it’s a boy or girl…




3 responses to “Family Goose

  • jane le galloudec

    I have no idea what breed our geese are but the rule of thumb here seems to be that the males are totally white and the females have grey on them. By which rule we have only one adult male, one adult female and now..7 female goslings. Whatever sex they are we are loving having geese – they are so very full of character.

  • ZH

    Wow 7 goslings, what is your secret?

  • jane le galloudec

    I really can’t claim a secret, this is our first foray into geese. We were given the goose and the gander and we let them do their own thing… once they chose a nesting site we erected a fence around them so that they would be fox proof and left them to it. She laid 9 eggs but only 5 hatched, the other two goslings were given to me at one day old having been incubator born (actually a box on top of a radiator) by a friend. They are all free range during the day but get put into the pen at night. Our main issue at the moment is that the grass is very dry – no green left at all. They still seem to be eating it but I am not sure how nutritious it is… full story on if you are interested.

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