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Primary School Egg Incubation Project Autumn 2014

So I got a tweet just before the summer holidays from a friend who I used to work with asking if I knew of anyone who might be able to help her primary school run an egg incubation project. I didn’t play it very cool and was a bit like that child in the back of the class with their hand in the air saying “me….choose me”.

I can help you with that Jo, and would be happy to

I tweeted back, so a few months later I am in the middle of another incubation project with an inner city primary school. I can’t really tell you how much of a kick these projects give me. I know its a cliché, but seeing the kids effervescent with  excitement makes me remember how awesome nature is, and why I love to be part of it everyday.  I went into the school a couple of weeks ago and talked about eggs, and chickens and brooders and hatching to a group of 40 year 5s. The cutest question of the afternoon was “what will we feed the eggs?”. The kids were great, and Jo had done some very cool prep with them on life cycles.

Incubation project 2 Incubation project

I went back to the school on Wednesday and set the class up with 7 eggs in my little incubator. When I came home I put another 11 in my big incubator as a back up. The really exciting news is that I did a sneaky early candle today and one is definitely developing. Roll on Wednesday I wanna know how they are all doing. 🙂


Habitat pile swap

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The local council had cut down a load of trees a few weeks back on the recreation ground and obviously been distracted by something before they had chance to clear up. On hearing that residents had complained to the local wildspaces group (in error…) we offered to do some clearing up and make a habitat pile, in exchange for some logs for our wood burner. A couple of hours effort resulted in a bit of a tidier area, this palace and a much healthier looking woodpile for next winter. Everybody’s happy.

Rothley Chicks at 3 weeks old

Latest photos of Inky, Rhubarb and Custard, who are all doing well and growing fast. They are currently in our outbuilding until they are old enough to be off heat and can be gradually moved outside. The weather is so poor at the moment though we can’t even put them out to play for a couple of hours. I dug up a bit of turf for them to play with but they have just looked a bit confused about it so far!

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Chicks settling in

The chicks are settling in fine to their bathroom bedroom and are already starting to get teeny tiny feathers on their wings!





Jubilee weekend

This weekend the village threw a huge party for the queens diamond jubilee. We ran a pets corner with Mac , the runners and two of our hens. It was a massive hit, we also sold a load of boxes of eggs. The duck eggs were really popular.



Primary project 3 complete

Meet Inky, Rhubarb and Custard. Well, yes… That’s what happens when you let year 5 name the chickens! They have done really well and managed to hatch 3 healthy chicks. One of the things I love about this project is how involved everyone gets. When I arrived the receptionist said ‘oh I’ve just been down to day goodbye’. The school is even thinking about buying their own kit, but I have said they can borrow ours next year. The kids have ‘absolutely loved it’. So a big success all round.



Chick Alert

The primary project chicks are due tomorrow, but this morning I got this email. Sent high importance.



To which I replied