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Flood One of 2013

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So we were expecting the flood today, although frankly always at the back of our minds hope the MET office have got it wrong. This is the 6th flood I think in less than a year and, according to our neighbour, the worst for around 7 years. Something that didn’t happen last year was the footpath along the side of our land flooding, which it did this time. Nearly up to the top of the boots. The whippet wasn’t happy and had to be carried, although we didn’t as get far as the park as the ford was just to deep to cross. Some poor person had parked their car within its reach ūüė¶ .

There is a water height measure at the ford, which goes from a minus measure to up to an 8. The water level was at 5 this morning and I think it had already receded a little. We always thought it was ridiculous that the scale went up that high…

I’m sure there will be plenty more floods by the time the year is out but maybe if it could stop so we could have a spring and summer from March to September time that would be nice?


Sheep MOT

Today we caught all the sheep (5 ewes, 1 ram and 1 wither at the moment) up for worming time. The were all surprisingly compliant although the one we know as Shaggy (no 34) did predictably attempt to headbutt her way through the hurdle. No bleeding nose this time which was good. So, all wormed up and back legs checked. No sign of foot rot or anything which was good given the year/winter we have had. Front legs need checking on next round up, which should be mid April just before lambing.

Habitat pile swap

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The local council had cut down a load of trees a few weeks back on the recreation ground and obviously been distracted by something before they had chance to clear up. On hearing that residents had complained to the local wildspaces group (in error…) we offered to do some clearing up and make a habitat pile, in exchange for some logs for our wood burner. A couple of hours effort resulted in a bit of a tidier area, this palace and a much healthier looking woodpile for next winter. Everybody’s happy.

We gotta lotta snow

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Soay Lamb Meat for Sale

We took 6 lambs to slaughter today. Always sad to see them go, but the journey was quick, and so was the dispatch. We will be collecting the meat on Friday, and will have 3 lambs to sell.

We are selling for £6.99 per kg and will have legs, shoulders, saddle joints and rolled breast all available. We have four 1/2 lamb carcasses (a whole side of lamb) that are un-butchered if anyone fancies having a go (we intended to keep these but I am happy to sell them), and three butchered carcasses.

Soay are a very small breed, so the joints tend to feed two to three people for a Sunday roast, with the exception of the leg which we found fed four people comfortably. The meat is lean and lovely, some people describe it as more like venison  but we have found it to be just a lovely full lamb flavor.

Get in touch if you fancy trying some.

Pictures to follow.