Monthly Archives: January 2012

2012 Plans

We have just updated the plans page to include the breeding plans and planting schedule for 2012.

It relies on the birds laying and sitting to roughly the same time scale as last year. It looks like our really busy times will be April, May and June. We are also resting our bunnies until later in the year, as Flo had 3 litters last year.

We are not going to rely on our geese to brood goslings, we will be using broody chickens to ensure next years Christmas dinner.


7 Chicks A’ Cheeping

There has beenĀ Elf success! They have managed a 100% hatch rate, which is amazing. We think the fact that the eggs haven’t had to travel through the post has hugely helped the success, and also, it would appear we must have some fairly fur-tal girls. All chicks look strong and healthy, each a slightly different shade of ginger, with one very naked neck version in there too. The Elves rejoiced again!

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