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11 Lambs slaughtered

Well..D day has come around again very quickly, so last week we took 9 lambs and 2 ewes to the abattoir. Always a sad day, and this year I really felt that I wished that we could do it at home to allow them to avoid the trip. The abattoir was the usual fun and games with silly banter and the parting shot of “don’t know why you bother, they are so small, you’ll get nothing from them”.

Just to put the record straight, the list below is the sum total of 6 of the lambs, we had 5 left as whole carcasses and I have butchered them myself, but they are not included in the list. We now have a chest freezer which is totally full of meat. We have a sold a couple of little bits, but will sell a bit more from frozen.

Plus 5 whole lamb cascass 
4 Mutton shoulder 950 g to 1.1kg               
5 Rolled mutton loin 650 g to 800g
4 Rolled breast 300 to 450g 
4 Mutton legs 1 kg to 1.4 kg
8 lamb legs 850g to 1 kg
4 Stewing neck 450g
4 lamb rolled loin 650 – 770g
1 lamb shoulder 950 g
7 Liver packs 280g 
4 stuffed heart packs 300g
Mince 4.5 kg
Sausages 4 kg

This year we asked for mince, which cost slightly more, but has enabled us to make some lovely sausages.