Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sheep spa day

What better thing to do on a beautiful sunny evening than catch 17 semi wild Soay sheep and try to help them to remove their winter coats. Tonight was shearing night where Becs and I spend at least 2 hours bent over various disgruntled sheep removing their fleeces with hand shears. It’s all very rootys (one ewe wee-d during the process narrowly missing us). The rams are the hardest, they weigh about 30 kg, are as agile as a deer and have two huge deadly weapons attached to their heads.

Anyway, the job is done again for another year, with the worst injury being the various gnat bites we both received around the builders-bum line.

We also wormed them all, so they should be good for another 6 months. Hooves need a really good trim next time.

Here is the pre-salon picture. Will upload a ‘post’ one when the light is better.



Squash Trauma

We are having a total nightmare with our squash this year, and cannot work out why. Any thought great fully recieved. We grew a really nice selection of squash plants in spring;

20140706-071439.jpg and were ready to plant them out by late June. Well the results have been rubbish. The plants have basically failed to thrive, turned yellow and got eaten by slugs. Fearing it was something to do with our soil, we have resorted to starting a few ‘reserves’ off in grow bags as squash is a really big part of our summer produce and we are already feeling the gap.


Asks you can see from the photo, there are a couple of semi decent ones, but as yet no sign of any fruit. We are keeping them well watered but are getting close to giving up on them. 😦

Lavender Moscovys

Over the course of June we have realised that some of the little ducklings that hatch under Virginia were Lavender coloured (grey). This is a bit of a surprise as we have no lavender ducks. Although on closer inspection, I believe the ducks that we bought from Melton market as chocolate, were infact crossed with lavender. Although they were a lovely dark chocolate when we bought them, they have got lighter and lighter ever since, see before pictures below, and we will post a present day picture later.



Either way, I love the grey ones and am hoping at least one of them is a girl so I can home her to my friend in the village.

Christmas dinner

What a difference a month or so makes. He is grew-some;




I feel like I am living in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, July has brought with it a new and exciting plague. CROWS. Everytime we walk out on to the plot the air turns black with at least 30 crows (or rooks) lifting off. They are a proper nuance, as they eat the bird food, and our buck rabbits (Mac) food as well. In fact they were leaving Mac hungry I think. So we have launched a counter attack, we are trying to stave them out. We now feed he birds three times a day and remove the food inbetween feeds. This is something I hope not to have to continue as it is more work then having them free feed. it seems to be working, the crows are still there, but there are less of them, and they are not in with the animals. I don’t mind a few, but it has been crow-fest for way too long.

Macs food is a bit harder to solve, we put it under a container, the crows found it, we put it in his hutch, the crows found it….so I built this;


It is a covered maze to Macs hutch, where the food is kept. Mac has just about found it, so he is clever than the crows……

The real question is, are the crows cleverer than me, and the answer to that, I think, might be yes.