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Spring planting 2

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we have been busy over the past few weeks planting and putting down our vegitable futures. The beds in order have been planted with

A) Onions and shallots

B) Kale and Broad beans and chard

C) Squash

D) This will have beans and tomatoes in it

E) Potatoes

Becs has also planted up the herb bed which is looking great.  pipe have tons of salad in the poly and lots of PAC choi on the way.

In the top beds by the poly tunnel we have unfortunately had to give up on the asparagus as it has rotted over the past two seasons due to the terrible weather. Our strawberry plants have multiplied a million times and we have replanted those beds with strawberries. I think by the end of this weekend we will have  4 large strawberry beds, so we need to get thinking about ways to Preserve strawberries.

As you can see from the pictures our 8 lambs are growing really well.

The weather is going to be great over the next two days so expect some more updates on Sunday night.


Veg bed update

So, we now have:

1 outside bed with onions and shallots in it.
1 outside bed ready for squash
1 outside bed dug over ready for beans/chard/leeks etc
1 bed that needs a lot of work
1 bed with first early and baking potatoes in it
1 half filled herb bed

In the poly we have half of the long bed with some leaf salad that is doing brilliantly
1 wigwam with some sugar snaps just shooting
Half of the small bed with pak choi and beetroot coming up

Also seeded up are courgettes, melons, butternut, sweetcorn, leeks, dill, parsley and basil.

The strawberry and raspberry beds need some attention!

No sign of any asparagus so that will need to be ditched. I don’t think it suits our heavy soil.

Last Goose/Duck Combo Attempt

Virginia ran out of time on Saturday, it had reached 32ish days to no avail. We kicked her off which she was fine with eventually. All 4 of the eggs were rotten, with little sign of embryo development so I think we won’t try that again. It seems to have been a bit of a fluke getting a chicken to hatch a goose egg a couple of years ago. We’ll see what happens with the ones in the incubator.

Lambing Live Part 4

So the last lamb finally arrived in classic Soay fashion (not there one minute, up and around the next) on Sunday night. A single gimmer, tagged on Monday morning with number 19. It’s got a bit of catching up to do but it’s doing its best! We also caught Wesley up for worming, hoof trimming and a bit of fleece shearing. He looks like a lion now.

We were unable to catch mum so we have two ewes who haven’t been wormed. They are not out of date but we were hoping to give them all a boost. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks or so.

Goose Egg Incubation

8 goose eggs put in the incubator on 7th May…

Lambing Live Part 3

Another pair of twins born on Monday afternoon, number 17 & 18. Not sure of the ewe tag number yet as she wasn’t keen to be caught for checking and worming. She needs to be caught up soon up along with Wesley who was equally non compliant on Sunday. Rambo has been wormed and his fleece has been dagged and hooves checked.

So one more ewe to lamb!