Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Never Ending Hedge

We spent 2-3 hours on Sunday trimming the hedge and clearing the path that runs down the side of the plot. We got about halfway up. On the plus side, it was definitely easier without the leaves to deal with, and we backed up several lots of kindling and will have various other thicker bits of wood to season and cut up for next winter. On the downside, the great village dog poo problem is definitely evident on our path…



Just to note we’re starting to see hare in the fields over the back again not the days a getting a little longer. The kestrel is becoming a very regular visitor, but doesn’t seem to be putting the owls off which is good.

In other news, the plot is looking shabby now. We’ve moved the birds down a little as we figure even a weeks rest for the top of the plot would be helpful. The forecast has been pretty accurate this week thankfully and it hasn’t rained (much) for at least 6 days. Snow is forecast for the weekend though so it may be shortlived.

New Blue

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Meet the newest member of our family; 6th month old Blue, rehomed from Sheffield.