Spring updates

The date of this post might not be correct. Published from hard drive retrospectively.

Yesterday Becky and I both took an unplanned days leave a) because we can, and b) because we wanted to. So we spent some time in the morning digging over one of the large vegetable beds and planting our onion sets. We have bought a mixture of sets this year. Some red ones, some white ones and some shallots. the whole bundle came to about £6, and should provide us with enough onions and shallots for at least 6 months of the year. We have planted them in rows, and covered them with wire fire guards to stop the birds pulling them up before they get established. Although I love the idea of the local songbirds having really strong onion breath, I am also keen to get a crop.

A few other surprises have occurred in the first days of spring. The goose has started laying, we have collected a couple of really large eggs ready for omelet season.

Secondly the ramsons that we planted last year have established! They have popped up in our herb bed. This is both wonderful and surprising because we forgot about the bulbs and left them under our spare bed until they were less than in their prime, and then planted them on the off chance. Ramson is a type of wild garlic. It is fantastic as it has a garlic flavourless that can be used in salads and also a garlic flavour flower. Once they get going they are very prolific, so we hope to nurture them and end up with a large productive patch.

Photos to follow


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