Flight of the Muscovy

A while back, in an effort to diversify the bloodlines of our muscovies, we bought in a batch of eggs from eBay to incubate. This invariably doesn’t go that well, I’m not sure why we never learn (combination of eggs travelling through the post not being ideal and duck eggs being tricky to incubate), and this batch was no different. We only had two hatch and one of them was much smaller than the other. We thought this was because one was a boy and one was a girl, so we called them Batman and Robin as their pied markings looked like masks. They both survived just fine but Robin is almost definitely a cross with something else. So she doesn’t lay eggs and very quickly she learnt how to fly down to the river, taking Batman with her from time to time. Following a wing clip she wasn’t able to do this any more and simply looked longingly in that direction instead.

And it turns out Batman is a girl, and is a Muscovy, and does lay fertile eggs. So overall, the plan worked and some of her eggs were hatched by Virginia this year. We’ll be keeping one of the boys this year. She too was very persistent with sitting on a clutch this season and sat on a handful of eggs, of which two hatched. At this point Robin’s attentions a turned to the job of duckling rearing and as soon as Batman and the two ducklings were out of the ark she set about becoming surrogate mother. This was helpful and she seemed to have forgotten she could fly.

However, the ducklings have now grown up (the boy was dispatched yesterday) and Robin has lead the charge for her, Batman and the girl duckling to make day trip to the beach. So far they seem to be returning at sensible times, and are hopefully therefore safe from the fox, but a mass wing clip is in order, which is easier said than done when they have worked out their escape route already…







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