I feel like I am living in an Alfred Hitchcock movie, July has brought with it a new and exciting plague. CROWS. Everytime we walk out on to the plot the air turns black with at least 30 crows (or rooks) lifting off. They are a proper nuance, as they eat the bird food, and our buck rabbits (Mac) food as well. In fact they were leaving Mac hungry I think. So we have launched a counter attack, we are trying to stave them out. We now feed he birds three times a day and remove the food inbetween feeds. This is something I hope not to have to continue as it is more work then having them free feed. it seems to be working, the crows are still there, but there are less of them, and they are not in with the animals. I don’t mind a few, but it has been crow-fest for way too long.

Macs food is a bit harder to solve, we put it under a container, the crows found it, we put it in his hutch, the crows found it….so I built this;


It is a covered maze to Macs hutch, where the food is kept. Mac has just about found it, so he is clever than the crows……

The real question is, are the crows cleverer than me, and the answer to that, I think, might be yes.


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