Clip of the Gosling at day 2

We are now the proud owners of one very cute gosling. It is the first one we have actually managed to hatch from an egg in the incubator. It pipped internally on Sunday night and had pipped externally during the day on Monday. It was rocking the shell and peeping madly but was clearly struggling so we helped it a little last night by opening up the crack it had made to make a whole just the size of a 5p. It hadn’t made any progress over night so we gradually helped it out over the course of a couple of hours this morning having done some research and quickly becoming apparent that it is so hard to get the humidity right with goose eggs in an incubator that helping the gosling get through the tough shell is often necessary. It does unfortunately have slightly splayed legs so we have used plaster to bring them together and are doing regular bouts of gosling physio to help strengthen them. It is very chatty and lively though and seems very robust otherwise so we are hopeful! There are two further eggs still in the incubator so we’re going to leave them another day just in case. And of course the chocolatier is still steady on 4 eggs so hopefully she’ll do better than us and create a friend for this one. In the meantime we’ll happy waste time watching it and squeaking at it to keep it company.




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