Final Lambing Update

All the ewes have now lambed. The first of the last batch was born last Tuesday to one of the caramel ewe lambs from last year. Unfortunately it was tiny and despite various bits of intervention from us to get it feeding it passed away early on Wednesday morning.

The next set to come were twins that arrived on Friday morning, a pair of gimmers who are very healthy. Then on Sunday the second caramel ewe lamb from last year gave birth to another gimmer who is also very small. We penned her immediately as despite displaying lots of bonding behaviour, she wasn’t letting it feed. We ended up getting hold of her to turn her upside down and show the lamb where the teats were. Lots of monitoring and quiet later and things seemed to be improving and the lamb looks to be latching. It seems ok today, following mum around and feeding. It is warm and has a round belly which is a good sign. It is considerably smaller than the others though so I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.

Then this morning the last set of twins arrived, a pair of tups. So we have 10 lambs currently on the field, which is a great result, and seems to be of great delight to the village residents. Of our main flock, we’ve achieved a twinning % of 180, which compared to breed average of 130% means we must be doing something right, and Rambo has certainly done his job well. None of this last lot have been tagged yet as we’ve having problems with our tags so are awaiting some samples to come from an alternative supplier. Tiny Soay ears are tricky and our applicator is just downright frustrating. This isn’t a problem as we’ve actually got 9 months to tag them, we’d just rather do it sooner so it’s easier to identify them.


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