Seed Frenzy

Today has been a bit of a grey day so we took to the polytunnel this morning and sorted it all out and cracked on with some seeding up. So far in the actual polytunnel beds there are:

Sugarsnaps for proper growing
Sugarsnaps for pea shoots
Mixed leaf salad

The only ones of the above that have come through so far is the salad, but it’s early days for the others to be fair.

Today we added a couple of rows of pak choi to the bed and also seeded up:

Leeks (Musselburgh)
Tomatoes (medium size)

All these were left in the poly to germinate.

Crown Prince
Butternut Squash

All of these were bought in to germinate on the windowsill, away from mice mouths. They have joined the broad beans and more sugarsnaps (don’t like to risk not having sugarsnaps…) in the bathroom.

I couldn’t be bothered to label the squash so planted each variety in a different type of pot. See picture. What could possibly go wrong.



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