Meat Ethics

One of the reasons we have decided to live our life the way we do is because we believe that meat is a privilege that should not be eaten lightly. We believe that animals should live natural lives (which means mixed groups..and therefore young stock). We also believe that animals should have a healthy free range existence and a carefully planned and thought through slaughter process which includes as little transportation as possible. Lastly we believe that the whole animal should be utilised, rather than just prime cuts in plastic wrappers.

I know that some people who don’t eat meat will never agree with the decisions that we have made, but I have strong views about the value of mixed farming and sustainable nitrogen cycles that do not involved artificial fertilisers which I am happy to discuss with anyone that wants to. In my view the important thing is that people are thinking about their food decisions and I can certainly respect the vegetarian point of view….but…..I am proud of what we do here, and I will not apologise for that. It is part of a set of decisions that we haven’t taken lightly, and when we take a life, we feel the blood on our hands. If you eat anything that has been commercially produced (non meat included) believe me you have blood on your hands one way or another. It just depends how far you want to look to see that blood, (Pest control, large destruction of habitats through monocultures).


One response to “Meat Ethics

  • jane le galloudec

    I totally agree with you. We are at the moment starting off our chickens for our eating flock with my goal for this year to raise, kill, prepare and eat a chicken – never done it before, am sensitive but believe very strongly that if you are prepared to eat it you should be prepared to kill it. Free range and as natural a lifestyle as possible is definitely the way to go. If that means that we eat less meat (perhaps saving it for high days and holidays) and more veggies that is going to be good too. I mean If everyone in the world went veggie tomorrow what would we do with all the livestock? I think its a topic that everyone needs to address – and make decisions for themselves, where they choose to draw the line. But there is a line to be drawn – most current meat producing systems cross this line. What you are doing is to my mind a much more sensible approach.

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