Meat Season

it’s meat season again, by which I mean we have just had our lamb carcasses back from the abattoir, which is quite different from an ‘Abba Tour’ thankyou predictive text. Becs and I drove along there this morning for the usual ‘women should not be involved in meat production’ banter. When I asked them to put the carcasses in a bag so I didn’t get dog hair all over them in the car, they rolled their eyes and said “these women always want their legs covered’. I’m not sure what this meant, but they seemed to find the presence of two women in wooly hats in the abattoir hilarious. So anyway, this means that I have spent the day getting the carcasses from looking like animals, to looking like food. This is no mean feat and had taken me most of the day. We ended up having three rams slaughtered;


Which should provide us with plenty of meat for the majority of the year. Our eating habits very much revolve around what we have harvested at that time, so we haven’t eaten much meat since the road kill ran out a few months ago.

Each lamb basically splits into six joints; the two shoulder joints, two legs, rolled loin, and two rolled breast, and the neck. the neck I use for stews. I prefer to roll the loin, as I tried to do a roasting a saddle last year and it was a total faff to butcher and another faff to carve. I will stuff the rolled joints when I am ready to use them.

The biggest lamb was 17lb. here it is butchered;


The dogs have spent the day watching me like hawks, if Ori had telekinetic powers, all three lambs would have ended up somewhere near the dog bowls. Becky was delighted that we got the liver back this year and spent most of the journey home planning which wine she was going to have with it tonight. The hearts also look good, I am going to look up a stuffing recipe.Last but not least I have a pot of bones boiling away, and am just looking for some inspiration for how to use this stock.

The butchering was much easier this year due to my amazing Christmas present…AKA my new butchers saw, which is awesome (thanks to my in-laws).


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