Veg Bed Prep



On this very lovely weekend weather wise we got started with the veg bed prep. As mentioned, the potatoes are in bed E this year, this bed having been dormant and covered for a year.

Z dug over the whole of bed C ready for the onions to go in. This forked over ok but was a little patchy so it’s been evened out with a little compost. This year we’ve gone with the same as last as they stored well, Sturon. We’ll also put in a red onion, Red Baron. We’re not going to bother with shallots as the sets are expensive and they don’t seem to do that well in our soil.

I’ve bought 150 sets in all – this probably won’t fill the bed so we’ll stick in a few more ‘tates to fill the gap.

Z also weeded half of bed F and forked in a load of sheep, rabbit and chicken poo before mulching it with straw. This bed will be the squash bed next year so we’re trying to up the nutrients in it before plants go in in June time.


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