We were lucky enough to meet a very lovely Lincolnshire potato farmer before Christmas at a friends wedding. After seeking a bit of advice on why our potatoes tend to be a little bit holey, he said he’d send us some seed potatoes in the spring of some of the varieties he and his dad grow on their farm. Apparently slugs are very partial to a nice Maris Piper and will literally run over everything else to get to them. Anyway, he duly sent a delivery back with our friend a week or so again. The above picture indicates the scale of the gift. The bags are not full, but we have enough potatoes to fill our whole plot. :-). They came with a further piece of advice ‘Jamie said, don’t leave them in the bags too longs or they’ll go wild’. So in they have gone this weekend. The first third of the bed are Agria, the middle are Chappy’s Chipping Piper (Maris Piper) and the last third are Chappy’s Chipping Markies (Markies). So we’ll see what the slugs make of that. Thanks very much Jamie!


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