Duck Eggs

We had the first duck egg this year right on time on the 1st March. So far, the two white girls and one of the chocolatiers are laying. One of the white girls however can fly still as when we rounded everyone up for a wing clip she escaped. So we didn’t realise she was laying until Z found 6 lovely eggs in Flo’s hutch. Luckily Flo’s not that bothered about sitting in her hutch and the weather has been ok anyway. The crow’s had cottoned on again this year though that ducks generally are a bit sporadic about where they lay, so we lost a couple of days worth as they were just on the floor. We’ve rearranged their area now though with a newly positioned next box, which seems to have gone down better. Fingers crossed the crows don’t work that out any time soon.

We separated the Orlando, the chocolatiers and the one white girl whose wings we did clip into their own area two weeks ago. Linford is in with the chickens, batman and robin and Pierre and Lucy have their own area as they were getting very shouty with everyone else now it’s breeding season. Lucy however still hasn’t bothered herself to lay any eggs…


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