Adventures in Grafting continue

So we’ve been busy little bees this weekend, well…less bee and more Tree Frankenstein Creators, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

On Saturday we went out collecting our scion wood. Becs had (of course) drawn up an excel spreadsheet to organise the exercise. Yes, I know, how can excel have a role to play in this hobby?

Becs: We need a plan of the forest garden area so we know what is what.
Me: You could draw a freehand map showing the trees with creative symbols
Becs: I’ll do an excel spreadsheet.

Still, she does make a mean spreadsheet, and it has been very useful, and you can check it out on the plans page (coming soon!).

Anyway, we collected (and carefully labelled) our scion wood, and spent the day on Sat, and some of Sunday grafting them onto the various rootstock that we ordered during the week. BTW both sources of rootstock delivered strong looking roots, well wrapped and arrived on time.

I had a go at 2 family trees which are two types of scion on one rootstock. I will report back I a few months to let you know how these little trees are working out.

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One response to “Adventures in Grafting continue

  • Nigel Deacon (@NigelDeacon2)

    Pleased to see you’re doing more grafting – will be interested to see how the trees progress. Remember if any leaves/shoots appear below the graft, rub them out immediately. Any aphids on the new leaves when they appear – spray immediately. With your family trees, try to keep the two varieties (the 2 branches) equal size.

    Good luck with them!

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