So if you read my last post you will know that the current Sencemeadow obsession is propogating fruit trees via a method called grafting. I am really keen to get on and try some more grafting partly because I have a bee in my bonnet about it, but also because there is a very short season to do it in, (Feb) so I have ordered some rootstock to enable me to have a go.

I have spread my risk by ordering 1/2 from eBay but also 1/2 from this site, I have no recommendation so will let you know what they are like in a few months time when I see if the grafts have taken.

I have ordered 10 MM106 apple rootstock, and 2 M27 apple rootstocks. I have also ordered 4 Quince C pear rootstock and 4 St Julienne plumb rootstock. These 20 roots have come in at about £50, which sounds like a lot but when you divide that by the number of tree it will (hopefully) create it is a very cheap way of propagating trees at £2.50 a tree. I know not all of them will work but the average price for a fruit tree is £15 and can be a lot more than that. We have a lot of space for more fruit trees in our Forest garden and are delighted to be having a go at adding to the collection.

We have found a couple of local parks that are willing to let us take a few pieces of scion wood from there apple stock, so we will be doing that once the rootstocks arrive. The varieties available are;


Allington Pipin
Annie Elizabeth
Barnack Beauty
Belvoir Seedling
Brownlees Russet (very excited about this one)
Cox Pomona
Dumerlows Seedling
George Cave
Golden Pipin
Newton Wonder
Queen Caroline


Beurre hardy
Claps Favorite


Cambridge gage
Early rivers
Pershore Yellow
Pershore Purple


One response to “Grafting

  • Judy Burrage

    Hi Zarah, I met your parents in The Nelson Pub a week or so ago, and one of the things we chatted about was a project I am involved in which is planning to set up a Food Hub in Market Harborough. They felt it might be something you would be interested in, as a way of selling surplus produce later in the year. Do you have an e.mail address where I can send you some more details? Then perhaps if you are interested we could meet up for a chat

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