2014 Spring clean

William Morris said ” have nothing in your house which you do not believe to be beautiful or know to be useful “.

We decided to begin 2014 by having a huge sort out of every one our storage spaces. It has been amazingly therapeutic and fun. The difficulty with sorting out old stuff is trying to keep as much of it out of landfill as possible, and I a pleased to say that we have only taken one boot full of things to the dump, everything else has been rehoused with a new family or gone to the charity shop. Dumpable items were only really for things that we just could not pass on or repurpose due to being broken.

Every cupboard in our house is now leaner and meaner, and I really do feel that less is more in this respect. Having slightly less in each cupboard had enabled me to know what is in there and be able to access it, rather than having to crap surf over tonnes of rubbish every time I want a slightly more obscure item.

What has this got to do with Smallholding. I hear you ask? Well, when you are a smallholder you have a lot more tools, so organisation is essential, most people don’t have to find homes for spinning wheels, jam pans, mincers, butchers saws, incubators… And the list goes on. I’d love to have less possessions, and our dinky little house does keep a bit of a check on that, but there are something’s that you need to keep for sentimental reasons or to do a practical job, so organised spaces helps that.





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