Sunday Sunday

I am having a very smallholding-y day today. Becky has just popped out to buy a new axe, ( I know…how butch), and I am waiting a visit from our friend Andrea who has come by a brace of pheasants and wants some help with the processing. I have been preparing Sunday lunch and have realised that today’s offering will only cost about 80 pence for four people. Check out my sums

venison (acquired for free…see previous posts).
Potatoes, home grown
Butternut squash, home grown
Recurrent sauce, home made from my own red currants
Brussels, bought but in offer yesterday reduced to10pence a bag!

Apple and blackberry crumble, mostly home grown, 60 pence allowance for the cost of the oats and sugar.

All this, and scraps for the chickens.


No waste for landfill either.


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