November/ December Veg

This is just an update to record how our vegetable stores are going. We are nearly in December and the only vegetables I have bought since spring last year are a few boxes of mushrooms every now and again, a bag of carrots every couple of weeks (for £1), and frozen peas.

Dry Store

Our dry stores are still looking really healthy, I have a few butternut squashes to use in December and January, a large bag of potatoes, and half a net of onions.

Freezer stores

The freezer stores still have a box of sliced courgettes, and a tub of broad beans. The ready meals in the freezer have been fantastic and I still have about 10 left, and another 10 of soup. I have to say that the tomatoes based sauces seem to defrost the best, although the cheesy courgettes pasta sauce was also very nice.

Veg that is still growing

The Autumn hasn’t been too harsh just yet so we still have a large patch of chard (which. Have protected with fleece), and a small patch of kale. The tomatoes are ripening off in the poly tunnel, and I think this year we have had very very little wastage. Today I put this amazing bowl in the fridge to store after ripening the last of them off on the window sill.


Fresh tomatoes in November…I always forgot how long they store. I have just used some to make a lovely breakfast of toasted rye bread and grilled tomatoes with balsamic vinegar. Yum.


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