Spinning and knitting

About 2 years ago I started to learn to spin and in a weird turn of events I ended up buying 5 bags of fleece from rugby star Ben Cohen (yes seriously, I didn’t recognise him at the time). Anyway, I bought these old texel cross fleeces from a rugby player and spent the next six months spinning them into a load of balls of wool. I spent the next six months knitting it into a jumper for Becky, which basically didn’t fit, so I spent the following six months unravelling it. Then my Mum gave me a much simpler pattern, which I have been knitting since Christmas last year. Tonight I finished it.



I think she looks cute in it, but I suspect it might be a dog walking jumper. It is very warm.


6 responses to “Spinning and knitting

  • Auntie Sandra

    If you hear any wolf whistles, run!

  • Andria

    Does this mean I can have my needles back ? πŸ™‚

  • Jane Le Galloudec

    I really admire your perseverance. I have been struggling with teaching myself to spin (drop spindle) and have even bought a fleece – but blimey the amount of work needed to get it into a spinable state! I really have enjoyed a whole morning of reading your posts – we are embarking on a similar (but different) project/lifestyle here in Spain.

    • ZH

      Hi Jane

      nice to hear from you, glad you like the blog. I started with drop spinning, and yes you are right that most of the work is in the prep, but I guess that the whole thing has to be quiet a zen process. I have just looked at buying some wool, and am shocked by how much it costs ready spun, so I think I will be spinning some more before too long.

      Let us know if you set up a blog with your new project. πŸ™‚

      • Jane Le Galloudec

        we have been blogging for a while… documenting our move from suburbia in the UK to… well… deepest rural Spain. http://www.technobillies.net . I still have most of the fleece I bought so I shall be getting around to doing something with it eventually… I can’t stand waste so it will be used for something… maybe just felting if I really get frustrated with the spinning.

    • ZH

      Just click your link!!

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