Autumn Sheep Worming

This is just to make a record of the Autumn worming of our Soays..and it certainly was a record, in terms of time taken from start to finish. 15 Soays caught, wormed with an oral drench and then released all within 25 minutes. We really have it down to fine art. We created a hurdle pen a week before and then fed them in there. Today we just swung the pen shut. We usually catch and drench the rams first and then open one side of the pen and get them out of the way so that we don’t have any rodeo silliness or Soays Derby activities. The girls and the lambs are usually a little less prone to jumping out of the pen, so today we tried treating them all before releasing any of them, it was much quicker and calmer.

Hopefully this should keep the worm burden down over winter, and will be the last time we worm the lambs before slaughter in January.


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