End of the harvest

I think that this week will mark the end of the harvest, which considering it is mid way through October, is not half bad. Today we have collected a load more wind falls and I have made an apple and blackberry pie with the last of the blackberries.

We have been chopping the raspberries back, and I dug up a Dr-Who-monster of a bramble root today.The veg patch is telling us that it needs a rest. The courgette plants and butternut squash plants are drying out and turning crispy, so I think we have had the last of them. The butternuts I have brought inside to ripen and store for use in December and January.



I have weeded the chard bed and thinned it out in the hope that we may get a few winter greens from there if we frost protect it. The final freezer stores view looks like this. I Will keep records here of when we run out of ready meals, so I can gauge how much to grow for next year. September and October have been very cheap food months with our food self sufficiency being somewhere around 80% I would say. November we are hoping to eat from the freezer and retain a 70-80 % self sufficiency


It difficult to see in the freezer picture but that is about 60 boxes of stored produce or meals. Soups, pasta sauces, hasbrowns, applecake, stewed fruit, flash-frozen berries etc.

Let’s see how long it lasts….


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