Pallet Shed Autumn set up

As the Autumn is coming/ here, we have decided to reconfigure the pallet shed so that;
A) a family of mice or rats do not take up residence
B) we have a little dry dock for raining days

To winterise our pallet shed, I have removed the soft furnishings such as the futon, ( sadly, as Becky and I had many an afternoon snooze on that sofa during the spring and summer), and have replace it with two plastic chairs. Plastic chairs are obviously easier to keep clean when we are popping in here during the muddy winter, and harder to chew through and make a bed out of if you are a rodent. I have also raised the chuck box off of the floor, as we are more likely to be making cups of tea inside rather than on the pub bench outside.

The weather had been fab today, but it’s good to plan ahead in small holding.



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