Natures Art Work / Crab apple jelly recipe

Tonight we are in Suffolk enjoying a weekend away, and the sky has done this…


We have hot baked potatoes cooking in the oven and fresh ripe tomatoes to go with some beautiful cold cuts of gammon.

It must be autumn.

I have started thinking about my autumn projects, and crab apple jelly is top of my list. I have spotted a tree nearby with a huge burden of lovely red fruits. For those of your who don’t know how it is done, here is a brief recipe.

Crab Apple Jelly

A big bag of crab apples ( you measure the juice later on).
Jars and jam tops

Wash and crop your crab apples
Cover with water
Stew until they are pulpy
Put the pulp in a jelly bad or muslin
Leave over night to collect the juice
Measure the juice and feed the pulp to your chickens (prepared outside defra!).
For every 600ml, weigh out 450g granulated sugar.
Heat the juice in a large pan, and when it boils, add the sugar, stirring until it dissolves.
Then boil rapidly for about 8 minutes without stirring, until setting point is reached.
Check using the wrinkle method for a setting point.
Jar in hot jars and seal.

Eat with meat or cheese.


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