Review of the latest Blackberry


It’s very tasty. This year has been amazing for berries, we have been eating mountains of either strawberries, raspberries or blackberries every day since mid June. I have to admit to mostly eating them fresh rather than storing them for the winter though. Over the last few days I have gotten around to flash freezing some blackberries for use in yogurts, pies and smoothies over the winter.

The latest Blackberries from our cultivated plant are so sweet that you can eat them like grapes, the earlier ones were a bit sour, but by this point in the season they are so ripe, they can be eaten with out adornment.

In other news, we spent Sunday on the veg patch digging in a barrow load of manure that I had collected from my mums livery yard. Lots of muscle work, but hopefully we will reap the benefits next year. I have also taken to collecting sheep poo in a trug once a week to dig into the veg patch, it’s not very glamorous, but it will add the fertility of the soil and it makes the most of the mixed farm approach.


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