Veg and Fruit Bed Maintenance

The paths on the main veg beds have been weeded and re-wood chipped this weekend, as have the paths around the polytunnel and strawberry beds. A massive pile of chippings was created by the ash tree work, and this has done most of the paths. There are a couple still to do around the potatoes but the majority of it is covered. I’ve also spent the weekend starting to reclaim the permanent fruit beds around the polytunnel. The strawberries have  gone bonkers and we seem to have various invasions of blackberry coming up all over the place, as well as alot of weeds, so it’s going to be a bit of a task. These beds have been a bit neglected this year as the poor weather last year meant that the raspberry canes didn’t really get pruned as they should have been, and the flower bulb beds I attempted aren’t really working very well either. So, of the 6 permanent beds there (not counting the raspberry patch), I’m going to deal with them all so that we have 3 strawberry beds, one bed for the relocating of the red currant and the gooseberry bush, which are currently being swallowed by the raspberries every year which makes it difficult to harvest things, one for blackcurrant bushes that my mum has kindly propagated for me and I’m not sure about the last one, possibly depends on what state it’s in when I get to it. Or I might move the rhubarb crowns as they are bit close to a neighbour who likes round-up for our liking.

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