Log Pile Envy

I don’t envy many things, what with it being one of the seven deadly sins and all, but I have been known to have log pile envy from time to time. The French have very good log piles, particularly in the Alps. They have piles and piles of fire wood to see them through the winter, and our log pile always looks a bit lame in comparison. But, as previously mentioned, we’ve had some fairly hefty boughs cut off of our enormous ash tree, so now we are log rich, ho ho ho. However, all of the chunks (cut into 10 inch lengths by our friendly tree surgeons) have been residing at the base of the tree, which is not where we want them. So today I set about sorting out our log piles as they’d all got a bit overgrown with bramble and nettles. I feel like I have been back and forth with the wheel barrow a hundred times, but the pile under the tree looks virtually untouched. The issue with big log piles I now realise, is that someone needs to get them there, and that someone is us, not a log fairy. Anyway, all good for the bingo wings.IMG_0698


One response to “Log Pile Envy

  • Gill

    I am obsessed with my log pile and go into each winter believing I need the equivalent of Mount Snowden to get me through to the Spring. Fortunately my favourite job is chopping logs and collecting wood. It almost seems a shame to burn it …

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