Let the North Wind blow

…Because we are ready for Autumn! We are just coming to the end of a two week stay-cation and we have spent some of it harvesting, some of it catching up with jobs on the plot, and some of it preparing our stores for the Autumn and Winter….oh and some of it relaxing and going out and about!

We have been preparing our wood stores for winter, as you can see in this photo, our little outbuilding is now chockablock with split dry logs. These logs have come from a variety of sources, mostly friends and neighbours who have been cutting down trees and wanted the wood gone. We don’t plan to have to buy any firewood from this winter onwards. We have an impressive log pile which will be seasoned by next year, and then for the winter of 2015/16 we have the huge volume of Ash which has been pruned off of our central tree.IMG_0684

In other news, this year was a great year for veg, I am watching our butternut squash plants get more fruitful every day, I am really hoping for 7 or 8 fruit to store and use through the winter, as this is one of my favourite veg. We have a sackful of potatoes, and I have been busy cooking and storing cooked dinners for use during Oct, Nov and Dec. See the picture below, this is mostly currys and pasta sauces but also a cottage pie or two. I have frozen a few boxes of blackberrys and apples and made some kickass blackberry ice cream. I am dieting again, so I am hoping to make some Fro-yo before the end of the blackberry season.


In even other news…..I have two more days of work left before I become a full time student again, so expect lots of posts about frugal living and self sufficiency in the near future. Money will be a little tighter, but as you can see from the above, we rich in all the ways that are important. 🙂


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