Sheep Worming

20130819-222044.jpgWe caught up most of the sheep a couple of weeks ago to worm them, check them for fly strike and clear fleece where it hadn’t been shed naturally. Rambo jumped the hurdles, one lamb squeezed through a gap between the hurdles and the fence and Ellie and her two lambs didn’t get caught up as they ended up on the wrong side of a fence. So, we new we were going to have to do another round to deal with them. They are not daft and it’s taken at least a week to trust us to not shut them into the enclosure we keep their food trough in. We managed to get them all in last night though. Rambo had another bash at jumping the hurdles but Z was onto him and managed to catch him as he beached himself. He was quickly dealt with and we set about letting out the older ewes we had already done. Like a moron I managed to let Ellie free by mistake at this point, as she had shed her fleece so looked like the others. We worked our way through the others (one lamb had an early case of strike, so glad we dealt with that, no harm done we hope) and sprayed them all. Once they were all done, Ellie came trotting over as I had the food container in my hand.  I was stroking her nose (well I say stroking but it’s more sort of poking with Soays) and Z suggested a try and grab her, which I did; for once quicker than the Soay, it will never happen again…

They all seem to have got red spray on them now, in places we didn’t put it.  Ellie has got it all over the ends of her horns and one lamb has gone for a nice bit of red eye decoration.


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