How to make lavender sugar

This is a new experiment, but one I am hoping will make it into my regular preserving patterns. The lavender plants in my back garden are in full bloom, so I decided to make some lavender sugar, with the hope of making lavender biscuits etc once it is ready.


Cut 30ish lavender flowers.
Strip the flower headed off of the steams.
Put into a bowl.
Microwave for 3-5 seconds. This is to kill any little bugs that are living in the flowers. Shake the bowl.
Transfer 5 table spoons of the flowers into a clean bowl, ( I found lots of little dead bugs in the old bowl).
Add 1 kg of caster sugar.
Spoon into a large clean killer jar.
Shake the jar every few days.
Use from three weeks to 6 months.

See my next post for some recipe ideas.



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