Freezer Recipes for a summer vegetable glut

Today I received delivery of 40 freezer containers. They cost me £6, but the way I see it, by freezing my summer glut of vegetables, I am going to save a lot on take always and convenience food.

I plan to make two things today

1) Spicy Tomato, vegetable and lentil sauce.

I want to make this as a base for lots of different sorts of meals.

A) Tomatoe pasta bake
B) Curry
C) Tacos
D) Chilli
E) Baked potato filler

So I want it to be tasty and chunky enough to be a sauce in its own right, but also to be able to add to it if I have meat, or pulses or coconut milk or cream etc.

The recipe will be like this

Curry plant leaves
Olive oil
mustard seeds

All heated in a pan

Then adding

Broad beans
Mange Tout
Chard/ Kale
Then a tin or two of chopped tomatoes.
Simmer lentils and then stir in.

2) Sag Aloo

Dug up some of my new potatoes, cubed them, simmered until cooked. Drained and put to one side. Then heated oil in a heavy bottom pan, added coriander seeds, caraway seeds, curry powder and curry plant leaves. Stirred in diced onion, then added potatoes. Last rough chop chard and kale, wilt into the pan. Stir in Greek yogurt to give it a creamy finish.

This turned out really well.




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