Summer sowing

The season has well and truly changed and we have had a couple of very hot weekends. This summer looks set to be a really great one for growing veg. So Becs and I have started thinking about what we can sow now to get a late summer/ early winter harvest.

I am hoping that by more careful management I can get us to an evermore self sufficient point in terms of fruit and veg. The meat has been a bit of a flop this year, with the notable exception of our wonderful Soays, but veg…. when it works…. is all return and very little monetary cost.

The winter sowings will include;

Pac choi in the poly tunnel
a late pea crop outside
Spring onions outside
Kale outside
Field beans in after potatoes.

This is in part to make up for the distinct lack of leeks, we had a seed pot fail and never managed to get round to replanting. This was really stupid as it is one of our favourite winter vegetables.

The seasons in my life have changed as well, I have handed in my notice and plan to complete a PhD over the next five years, so our ability to maximise the return we are getting from the plot has become even more important.

This new turn in my life is again an attempt to return to the roots of what we are trying to do here. It seems such a shame that for the past year I have been too busy to make the most of what we have, and in turn too unhappy to enjoy it when I do have time. It’s always the same Time vs Money….time for another go at getting the balance right.


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